Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser HDTV and New DLP, LCD HDTVs

Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser HDTV

Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser HDTV
Mitsubishi announced its new LaserVue Laser HDTVs which will be available in Q3.

Other than the LaserVue Laser TV, Mitsubishi announced also its new HD DLP HDTVs, including WD-60735, WD-65736, WD-65735, WD-73736, WD-73735 and Diamond WD-73835, Diamond WD-65835. They are all 3D-ready and is powered by Mitsubishi’s 6-color Processor.

There are also new ultra thin LCD HDTVs, including the following:

  • LT-40148 – $2,499
  • LT-52148 – $3,599
  • Diamond LT-52246 – $4,499
  • LT-46148 – $2,999
  • LT-52149 – $4,099
  • LT-46149 – $3,499
  • Diamond LT-46246 – $3,799

The exclusive Diamond models will feature Smooth120Hz Film Motion to optimize movie reproduction, a high performance, low profile speaker design for high-quality sound, DeepField(TM) Imager for higher contrast imagery and a high gloss design with Blue Light Accent.



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