SanDisk U110, i110 and X110 SSDs for OEMs

SanDisk iSSD i110 integrated ssd

Along with the consumer-oriented Extreme II, SanDisk also updates its range of SSDs for PC makers, including the U110, iSSD i110 and X110 mSATA version. All of them are based on 19nm flash memory technology and use SATA III interface, and are designed to bring high performance and advanced power management to ultra-slim notebooks and tablets.

SanDisk iSSD i110 integrated ssd

The SanDisk U110 series is a cost-effective SSD solution available in multiple formats to meet the needs of notebook/tablet makers. It comes in half-slim SATA, mSATA, mSATA mini, 2.5-inch cased and M.2. formats and is available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 128GB. SanDisk’s nCache acceleration technology featuring a large SLC non-volatile write cache is included to improve random write performance for an improved user experience.

The iSSD i110 is an integrated storage device that come in embedded ball grid array (BGA) form factor, allowing PC manufraturer to add SSD to thin and light mobile computing devices. The integrated SSD is available in 8GB – 128GB capacities and it can work with ExpressCache software to accelerate system performance. It also included nCache technology.

SanDisk U110 ssd

Lastly, the mSATA X110 is line of lightweight and thin yet high-performance SSD with advanced power management, which is ideal for both primary storage and dual-drive caching applications. It uses MLC NAND flash memory uses SATA III 6Gbps interface. You can expect up to 505MB/s sequential read and 445MB/s sequential write speeds, and random read/write speeds of up to 81,000/44,000 IOPS. 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models are available.



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