Etymotic MC-5 Earphone and MC-3 Headset are Affordable

Etymotic MC-5 Earphone

Etymotic introduces MC-Series affordable iPod earphone and iPhone headset. Included in the series are the MC-5 earphone for iPod and other music players and the MC-3 earphone+headset for iPhone and iPad. Both of them are based on Etymotic’s ACCU•Technology platform making them “the world’s most accurate-sounding noise-isolating earphone series in its price class”.

Etymotic MC-5 Earphone

Etymotic MC-5

The MC-5 and MC-3 also feature the ACCU•Chamber Acoustic Control Chamber technology thta “modifies standard dynamic earphone drivers to perform at an accuracy response level”. They are priced at $79 and $99 respectively.

Etymotic MC-3 Earphone+Headset

Etymotic MC-3



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