OCZ Z-Drive R2 PCI-Express SSDs

OCZ Z-Drive R2 PCI-Express SSDs

OCZ Technology introduces the new Z-Drive R2 series PCI-Express Solid State Drive (SSD). There are in fact three models, the P88, M84 and P84. All of them are based on MLC NAND flash memory, use PCI-Express x8 interface and have onboard RAID controller.

OCZ Z-Drive R2 PCI-Express SSDs

First of all OCZ’s Z-Drive R2 P88 is available in 512GB ,1TB and 2TB capacities. It has 512MB local cache and eight SATA controllers. It offers up to 1.4GB/s read 1.4GB/s write speeds and a sustained write speed of 950 MB/s.

The Z-Drive R2 M84 and Z-Drive R2 P84 both get 256MB local cache and four SATA controller. The M84 is capable of writing at up to 700MB/s and reading at up to 800MB/s and is available in 256GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. The P84, on the other hand, features a 850MB/s read speed and 800MB/s write speed. 256GB, 512GB and 1TB versions are available.

The OCZ Z-Drive R2 series is optimized for background Garbage Collection and is designed to use in enterprise storage environment. The P88 and M84 models features also Hot-Swappable NAND modules.



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