Toshiba XDE600 DVD Player with 1080p Upconversion

Toshiba XDE600 DVD Player with 1080p Upconversion

Toshiba is launching a new DVD player, the XDE600 which is able to pconverts standard definition (480i/p) DVD content to HD (720p, 1080i or 1080p) to match the resolution of your HD display.

The Toshiba XDE600 plays DVD-Video, DVD+/-R/RW/DL as well as CD/CD-R/RW discs. It features Digital Cinema Progressive technology, Dolby Digital and DTS Compatible Output,  and 3D Surround Sound. It can play WMA, MP3, JPEG and even DivX video from DVD/CD media or USB drive or USB connected devices via the USB port.

The slim XDE600 is compatible with Regza Link and offers HDMI-CEC output as well as ColorStream Pro Component Video Output, S-video, RCA, and Digital Optical audio output.

Toshiba XDE600 DVD Player is priced at $79.99.

XDE600 includes the three staple picture modes of XDE technology – Sharp, Colour and Contrast:

Sharp Mode offers improved detail enhancement that takes content one step closer to high definition – creating sharper edges and ensuring that detail is more visible.  Unlike traditional sharpness control, XDE technology analyses the entire picture and adds edge enhancement precisely where it’s needed.

Colour Mode makes the colours of nature stand out with improved richness.  Blues and greens are more vivid and lifelike, making the XDE600 perfect for watching nature and wildlife documentaries. Colour Mode combines the improvement in colour with the detail enhancement of Sharp Mode, delivering outstanding performance during outdoor scenes.

Contrast Mode is designed to make details in darker scenes or foregrounds more clearly visible without the typical “washing out” that can occur with traditional contrast adjustment. Perfect for dark scenes where detail may be difficult to notice, Contrast Mode is also combined with Sharp Mode to provide a sharper viewing experience.



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