JVC UX-GN6, UX-LP5, and UX-G200 Mini Audio Systems

JVC UX-GN6 mini audio system ipod dock

JVC introduces three new micro audio systems, UX-GN6, UX-LP5, and UX-G200 at the CES 2009.

The JVC UX-GN6 features a motion sensor and JVC’s “laser touch operation” panel offering a completely new way of control. User can wake the system up from standby mode by waving a hand in front of the system, illuminating all of the controls and the LED display. It has also the “laser touch” control that user runs a finger up and down over the touch-sensitive illuminated control strips to operate the control. The UX-GN6 comes with a top-mounted iPod dock and it features FM/AM tuner, CD playback, power output of 120 watts and a pair of two-way speakers.

JVC UX-LP5 mini audio system ipod dock

JVC UX-LP5 comes with a retractable front flip dock for iPod. It offers 70-watt of power output and has two-way speakers, CD player and AM/FM Tuner.

Lastly, the UX-G200 has 16-watt of output, USB host, CD player and AM/FM tuner.

Pricing and availability:

  • UX-GN6     March 2009     $199.95
  • UX-LP5     March 2009     $149.95
  • UX-G200     March 2009     $99.95


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