Asus U3S GPS Notebook PC

Asus U3S GPS

Asus presents the U3S, the first notebook PC to uses NXP Software’s swGPS software to ‘perform all necessary GPS signal processing entirely in software, allowing users to access the fast-growing range of location-based services from navigation and local search to theft protection’.

The Asus U3S is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has a 13.3-inch LCD display.

Press Release

ASUS Selects NXP Software’s swGPS(TM) for World’s First Mainstream GPS-Enabled Notebook PC
Thursday September 13, 11:00 am ET

Software-Based GPS Solution Provides Access to Rapidly Expanding Location-Based Services Without the Need for Dedicated Hardware

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands and TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 13 /PRNewswire/ — NXP Software and ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS) today announced the world’s first mainstream notebook PC with integrated GPS capability, the ASUS U3S. This is the first product design to result from the collaboration between the two companies. The U3S uses NXP Software’s swGPS(TM) Spot software GPS baseband technology to perform all necessary GPS signal processing entirely in software, allowing users to access the fast-growing range of location-based services from navigation and local search to theft protection.

By performing position fix calculations in software, NXP Software’s swGPS(TM) Spot eliminates the need for separate GPS baseband hardware, saving board space. Proven in real-world products, it also ensures excellent practical performance for responsive, accurate and reliable location-finding. Plus, as a software solution, it is flexible, enabling in-field upgrades to new services such as Galileo and the rapidly expanding range of GPS applications, without the need for hardware modifications.

The U3S is a stylish 13.3″ widescreen notebook for urban professionals on the move. Its unique design, which features a piano-painted LCD cover, stainless steel contour, magnesium aluminum alloy housing and genuine leather-bound palm rests, has been created to reflect sophisticated tastes. Based on the latest Intel Centrino Duo Processor Technology, Windows Vista(TM) operating system and exclusive ASUS innovations, the U3S also offers a dynamic computing experience and powerful performance. In addition, a special Power Saving key allows users to switch between the integrated graphics chipset and an additional, discrete GPU for enhanced graphics performance. Effective use of this option can extend battery life by 50%.

The U3S offers integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology as an innovative option. This valuable feature is bundled with leading navigation application software to allow the user to make immediate use of the U3S GPS solution.

“ASUS is committed to bringing customers the most advanced technologies and we are excited about Intel’s next generation platform,” said Tony Chen, General Manager of ASUS Notebook Business. “We are pleased to offer the swGPS(TM) Spot technology from NXP Software in our U3S notebook. The drop-in GPS solution will enable our product to provide users with practical performance with ensured future-proofing.”

“We are very excited to be working closely with ASUS to bring this innovation to market,” says Hans Streng, NXP Vice President and General Manager of the Business Unit Emerging Business. “ASUS is one of the leading ODM/OEM notebook suppliers and has a track record of delivering products with leading-edge features. With the U3S, we are delighted to help continue this trend through swGPS(TM) Spot, and bring GPS technology to the consumer notebook market.”

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