Asus A626 Slim PDA

This is the ultra slim PDA, Asus A626. Powered by an Intel XScale 312Mhz processor and 64MB SDRAM, the PDA runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. It features a 3.5-inch 240×320 touchscreen display and a front-mounted speakers, making it a portable media hub. The device supports Bluetooth 2. EDR and WiFi 802.11b/g connectivity, and users can use the pre-loaded Remote Presenter application to remotely link and control presentations on a computer via Bluetooth.

Asus A626
The A626 comes with 128MB of flash ROM, and a 120mAh battery. Measuring 11.7 x 7.08 x 1.57cm, the PDA weighs 158g. It is now available in China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and in Thailand and USA later.



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