Sharp i-Elegance DK-A1 and DK-A10 iPod Dock

Sharp shows two new iPod docking system, the i-Elegance DK-A1 and DK-A10. Both of them features full-range bass reflex speakers with built-in side-firing subwoofers and FM/AM tuner for you to enjoy radio shows. They has also a remote control, built-in alarm clock and sleep timer. The A10 comes with also a front-loading CD slot that plays standard CDs and CD-R/RW with MP3 and WMA files.

Sharp i-Elegance DK-A1 and DK-A10

To deliver better sound, both docks feature an electronic equalizer to customizes the sound, a six-step mode to accurately adjust the sound for any type of music and the Esound digital signal processing technology that improves the quality of compressed digital music.

The DK-A1 and DK-A10 comes in glossy white while there are are another version in sophisticated piano-black, the DK-A1BK and DK-A10BK. The DK-A1 and DK-A1BK will be available in May for $229.99 and the DK-A10 and DK-A10BK will be available in April for $329.99.



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