Aluratek Bump Series Speakers

Aluratek Bump AWS01F speaker system.

Aluratek launches its Bump wireless speaker line, including the AMS01F portable boombox, the AUWS01F USB transmitter with remote wireless speaker, the AWS01F boombox kit with separate remote wireless speaker, and the APS01F 3.5mm lithium ion portable speaker.

Aluratek Bump AMS01F portable boombox

Aluratek Bump AMS01F

The Bump AMS01F is a portable boombox with 3Wx2 output, a 2.8-inch LCD display, and built-in FM tuner. It is compatible with most MP3 players and offers USB port and SD/SDHC card slot for playing MP3, WMA and WAV music files directly. The price is $49.99.

Aluratek Bump AWS01F speaker system.

Aluratek Bump AWS01F

The Bump AWS01F includes a AMS01F boombox and a remote wireless speaker. The wireless speaker uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology and offers 2Wx2 output. The system can be expanded to have six wireless speakers. This wireless speaker set costs $99.99.

Aluratek Bump AUWS01F USB wireless speaker

Aluratek Bump AUWS01F

The Bump AUWS01F is a wireless speaker with USB 2.4GHz GFSK transmitter with 8 selectable channels for use with your computer. It has 2Wx2 output and offers up to 60 feet wireless range. You can get it for $79.99.

Aluratek Bump APS01F Mini Speaker.

Aluratek Bump APS01F

Lastly, the Bump APS01F is a mini speaker for use with portable devices such as MP3 player, PMP, mobile phone, notebook/netbook..etc. It offers 2.5W output and has expandable Bass Chamber. The APS01F is available for $19.99.


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