Sony EyePet Move Edition and EyePet PSP with Camera

Sony EyePet PSP with Camera

Sony launches two new EyePet games the EyePet Move Edition and the EyePet PSP that comes with a camera. The EyePet Move Edition works with Sony’s latest Move controllers and the EyePet will react to every movement and command. The EyePet is virtually projected into your living room where he can play and interact with you and your family. Grab a PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move motion controller and control toys and objects on screen just by moving your hands.
Sony EyePet Move Edition

The EyePet PSP is basically a mobile version. The package includes the game and a PSP camera so you can take your EyePet out of the living room and anywhere you want to go.

Both EyePet games allow users to customize the pet and draw new toys for the pet. The EyePet Move Edition is available for $36.40 and the EyePet PSP for $39.99.

Sony EyePet PSP with Camera



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