Bushnell BackTrack Point 3 and Point 5 GPS Devices

Bushnell BackTrack Point 5 GPS Device

Bushnell announced two new easy-to-use GPS devices, the BackTrack Point 3 (360100) and Point 5 (360200). The BackTrack allows you to set a location you want to get back to with a press of a button. Then when you get lost, you can just follow the arrow and the distance shown to get the way back.
Bushnell BackTrack Point 3 GPS Device

The Point 3 can store up to three separate locations or waypoints. In compass mode the arrow points north and displays the direction you are facing in degrees. The Point 5, on the other hand, allows users to set up to five locations and has an integrated digital compass that resembles an actual compass. It also includes latitude and longitude coordinates when in compass mode and shows time, temperature and altitude as well.

Bushnell BackTrack Point 5 GPS Device

These compact BackTrack devices have a backlit screen for displaying an arrow pointing in the direction of the marked waypoint with the distance to the destination. They both pack uBLOX GPS reciever and are weather resistant. Two AAA batteries are needed for them to operate.

The BackTrack Point 3 is available for $56.99 and the Point 5 for $99.99.



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