Pretec 233X 100GB and 333X 50GB CF Cards

Pretec 233X 100GB and 333X 50GB CF Cards

While SanDisk has the Extreme IV 300X 16GB CF, Pretec showed at the Photokina 2008 its new 233X 64GB and 100GB CompactFlash cards, and 333X 32GB and 50GB CF. The 100GB CF is the CF with the largest capacity. The 233X 64GB and 100GB cards offer an access speed of up to 35MB/s while the 333X cards have a max 50 MB/s read/write speed.

Both 233X and 333X CF cards comes in a metal housing and ruggedized construction to provide extensive ruggedness. The 233X CF cards can be used to make a 256FB SATA SSD by combining four 64GB cards using the Pretec Q-SATA technology.



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