Sony NV-U82, NV-U92T GPS Devices

Sony NV-U82, NV-U92T GPS

Other than the NV-U72T and NV-U52, Sony announced also the NV-U82 and NV-U92T for the Europe market. The Sony NV-U82 and NV-U92T both have a 4.8-inch 16:9 LCD touchscreen and it supports Gesture Commands for even greater safety at the wheel. Just sketch a simple line or shape on screen with a fingertip and the NV-U82 and NV-U92T will guide you safely and surely to frequent destinations  “like home” or the “nearest filling station”.

The Sony Nav-U NV-U82 has 512MB internal memory preloaded with individual country maps and the NV-U92T has 2GB memory for international maps. They have also Memory Stick card slot.

Sony NV-U82, NV-U92T



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