Memorex MA2213 and MA3122 Ultra-portable Speakers

Memorex MA3122 Ultra-portable iPhone iPod Speaker
Memorex MA2213 ultra portable iphone speaker

Memorex MA2213



Memorex launches two new ultra-portable speakers, the MA2213 and the MA3122. The former is a portable speaker with a smart design, featuring an integrated carrying handle for easy portability, while the latter is a travel speaker with a sleek, folding design, allowing you squeeze it into the tighest corners of your bag.

Memorex MA3122 Ultra-portable iPhone iPod Speaker

Memorex MA3122

Both MA2213 and MA3122 can dock iPhone and iPod for playback and charging and provides line-in jack for connecting other audio sources. They offer high-quality stereo audio and the MA2213 comes with built-in FM radio, and headphone storage compartment as well. The MA3122 can be used with alarm clock app for iPhone and iPod touch. They are powered by AC power of battery.

The Memorex MA2213 is available in black while the Memorex MA3122 comes in black, pink, blue and silver, Both of them are priced at $59.99.


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