Samsung’s 3D Glasses Now In Promotion

Samsung's 3D Glasses

Samsung's 3D Glasses


Samsung is now pushing 3D glasses to the mass with the free 3D glasses promotion, which offered two pairs of 3D glasses with all consumer purchases of 2011 model Samsung 3D TVs purchased during the promotion period. The promotion will end on 25 June.

Samsung hsa also lowered prices of its 3D glasses:

Model Number Description Suggested Advertised Price
SSG-3100GB Battery-operated 3D Active glasses $49.99
SSG-3300CR Compact Size Rechargeable 3D Active glasses $129.99
SSG-3300GR Rechargeable 3D Active glasses $129.99
SSG-3700CR Ultra-light Rechargeable 3D Active glasses $149.99



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