Samsung SH-B123 Blu-ray Combo Drive

Samsung announced its new SH-B123 Blu-ray disc Combo drive that reads BD-ROM at the world’s fastest speed of up to 12X. As a combo drive, the drive also does DVD recording. It burns DVD+/-R at 16x DVD+/-R DL at 8x, DVD+RW at 8x, DVD-RW at 6x, DVD-RAM at 12x and reads BD-R/RE/DL at 8x, CD-ROM at 48x, CD-R/RW at 40X.

The Samsung SH-B123 utilizes two lenses and a two laser diode structure to offer high reliability in BD play performance. It features SACT (Spherical Abberation Compensation Technology) to improve the quality of the read function on BD drives if the protective layer does not have a uniform thickness and PSCT (Precision Step Control Technology) to optimize position control for the optical pick-up feature that requires small track pitch of BD drives. It also gets the Aerodynamic Frame Design for low acoustic noise and it operates at a low-power consumption level that averages 25 percent lower power compared to comparable drives in the market.

The Samsung SH-B123 Blu-ray combo will be released in July.



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