Creative GigaWorks HD50i Compact iPod Desktop Speakers

Creative GigaWorks HD50i Compact ipod Desktop Speakers

Creative ‘s GigaWorks HD50i is a compact 2.0-channel desktop speaker system for iPod. It features high-definition drivers with Titanium supertweeters, built-in BasXPort technology to deliver bass without subwoofer. It includes also Creative’s X-Fi audio technology to restore details to compressed music such as MP3s.

Creative GigaWorks HD50i Compact=

The GigaWorks HD50i comes with a iPod dock that provides 3S-video and composite video output for playing iPod video on your TV. There is also a USB port for charging iPod and 3.5mm jack for connecting other media devices. There is also GigaWorks HD50 model that comes without the dock.

The speaker system is available for $169.99.


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