Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector runs WinCE

Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector runs WinCE

This is Epoq EPP-CEP1, a device that combines a pico projector with a PDA running WIndows CE 5.0. The pocket EPP-CEP1 is able to show PowerPoint, Excel, Word, BMP, JPEG, PDF as well as video files directly, without the connection of other devices, thanks to the Windows CE 5.0 OS.

The WinCE-based Epoq EPP-CEP1 is boosted by Samsung’s ARM9 Core 2442 400MHz processor, 64MB RAM and 64MB flash memory. It has a SD card slot so users can store files they want to present/show in a SD card.

The Epoq EPP-CEP1 utilizes the LCoS technology and features 640×480 VGA resolution, 3W white LED backlight, 10 lumens brightness. It is able to project image size up to 50-inch at a distance of 180cm. It comes with integrated speaker. The Windows CE tiny projector priced at $359.95.

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