Samsung Ego GT-S9402 ‘Luxury’ Phone

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 'Luxury' Phone

While Samsung’s collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, the Serenata, is not really successful and B&O is leaving the cellphone market, the South Korean electronic giant decided to do it herself by introducing the Samsung Ego GT-S9402 luxury phone.

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 features a 2-inch AMOLED display, a 5 Megapixel auto focus camera, FM tuner, Bluetooth, 1GB internal memory and a microSDHC card slot. The phone has two SIM card slots. The first SIM slot supports tri-band GSM and second SIM slot supports dual band GSM. 3G is not supported.

The Ego GT-S9402 comes without diamonds or gold, but a liquidmetal body. Developed by Caltech, the liquidmetal is “3 times stronger, can withstand 1.8 times the pressure, is 1.6 time more flexible, has 3 times better vibration absorption and  100% lower thermal conductivity then  titanium“.

The Samsung Ego GT-S9402 will be priced at Euro 1200.



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