Motorola ZN5 with 5MP Camera

Motorola ZN5 L800T

This is the unannounced Motorola ZN5 mobile phone, which is expected to be unveiled in Q2. The phone comes with a 5 Megapixel camera with Xenon flash, and a 2.4-inch LCD display. It is powered by an Freescale SCMA11 500MHz processor and runs the Motorola Montavista Linux 2.6.1 OS. The phone also supports MPEG-4 playback and TV-out.

There are also other models set for Q2, although some of them are already available, like E8, U9, W270. There are also A1600, A1800 and A810. VE75 and L800T are the new ones:

VE75 Slider

– 2.6-inch 260k color WQVGA TFT Display
– 2 Megapixel camera
– Stereo Bluetooth
– Dual SIM card slots

L800T Candybar

– 1.9″ 260k color TFT display
– 2 megapixel camera
– Bluetooth
– Support for TD-SCDMA and GSM

Motorola ZN5 Roadmap



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