Panasonic D-Dock SC-PM870SD and SC-PM670SD SD Hi-Fi System

Panasonic D-Dock SC-PM870SD

Panasonic presents two new SD Audio Hi-Fi systems, the D-Dock SC-PM870SD and SC-PM670SD. Both of them supports playback of music stored in SD cards. It has also CD player, MD player and AM/FM radio tuners.

The SD Audio player supports WMA, AAC and MP3 music, like the D-snap while both devices supports also CD to SD recording in 8x speed in AAC format and MD recording in ATRAC or ATRAC3 formats.

Panasonic D-Dock SC-PM870SD comes with a 3-way speakers system while the SC-PM670SD has a 2-way system. Both of them will be available in Japan in 18th of April.

[Panasonic Japan]


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