Everex Cloudbook runs gOS

Everex Cloudbook runs gOS

It is rumored that Everex is going to launch an ultra portable UMPC, called Cloudbook, that runs the Linux-based gOS at the coming CES. Everex Cloudbook is said to be powered by an VIA ULV 1.2GHZ processor, 512MB of RAM, 30GB hard drive and WiFi connectivity.

Some of you may not know what is gOS, here is the answer from official site:

gOS is a new, friendly OS designed to just work out of the box with Google applications online. Also inside, all you need to browse the web, e-mail, chat, play music and movies, create and edit documents using Google and other free software. In addition, gOS performs well on almost any computer, costs nothing for users, and has a beautiful user interface.



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