EB Mobile Internet Multimedia Device (MIMD)

EB Mobile Internet Multimedia Device (MIMD)

Other than UMPCs, Palm Foleo and the Asus Eee PC, here is the new EB Mobile Internet Multimedia Device to compete in the market of mini Internet device .

The EB MIMD is powered by Intel’s Menlow platform and runs Linux OS. It hasa 4.8-inch LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. MIMD supports also the Mobile WiMax or HSDPA wireless network and the GPS navigation with the EB navigation suite. It hasa 3.5mm headphone jack, MicroUSB port and microSD card slot.

EB MIMD represents a new category of devices providing fast, ubiquitous and portable broadband access. It provides rich end-user experience for browsing and WEB 2.0 services, multimedia consumption and navigation in a fully mobile environment. Pocketable size and instant-on feature ensure easiness of carrying with and using the device at any time.



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