World’s First HD-DVD Player on sale in Japan


Toshiba launches the world’s first commercially available HD DVD player HD-XA1 which can handle dual-layer discs up to 30Gb.

The $850 can up-convert standard DVD to 1080i or 720p through HDCP-capable HDMI output while there’s L-PCM 5.1ch audio, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. The player is able to read HD-DVD, DVD, CD, and DVD-RW/RAM and it can even decode MP3 and WMA on CD.

The player measures 437 x 354 x 115mm and weighs in at 19.6-pounds. Initial shipments of HD-AX1 until Apr. 27, will include two HD DVD movie discs; one’s called “Moonlight Jellyfish,” and the other is “Resident Evil.”



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