Bluetooth Photo Viewer

Bluetooth Photo Viewer
Parrot has announced the world’s first digital Bluetooth Photo Viewer. Parrot’s Photo Viewer allow consumers users simply synchronize the Photo Viewer with their mobile phone, pick any picture they wish to display and send it to the Photo Viewer via Bluetooth. The image will instantly transfer to the screen.

Key benefits of the Parrot Photo Viewer include:

  • Wireless Bluetooth transfer of photos
  • Universal compatibility with Bluetooth enabled phones
  • Pictures instantly converted to the size of the screen
  • Pictures instantly adjusted to the position of the frame (landscape/portrait)
  • Automatic adjustment of the LCD screen brightness
  • Ease of use
  • Contemporary and elegant design

Technical Spec.:

  • Bluetooth digital photo frame
  • TFT screen with 320×234 pixels
  • 262,144 colour display
  • Bluetooth 1.2
  • Bluetooth BIP, OPP and FTP profiles
  • 32Mb internal memory for storing over 100 JPEG images
  • Software-controlled image resizing
  • Accepts JPEG images from 700k to 7m pixels
  • Portrait or landscape position sensor
  • Light sensor for automatic shut-off in the dark
  • Fixed and slideshow display functions
  • Size of the frame in leather or white-leaded oak: height:13 cm x width: 15.2 cm x depth: 2.8 cm



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