Altec Lansing MIX BOOMBOX iMT810 Digital Boombox with Epic Bass

Altec Lansing announced the MIX BOOMBOX iMT810 digital boombox with integrated dock for iPhone and iPod. As the successor to the iMT800, the new model has an aggressive design and offers “epic bass”. Its “design retains a functional yet industrial appearance with brushed aluminum accents and grips.”

The BOOMBOX houses specially engineered horn-loaded tweeters and mid-range drivers and its huge 5.25-inch side-firing subwoofer and 5.25-inch tuned passive radiator pump out natural roaring bass. It features Audio Alignment to deliver balanced, optimum sound and XdB technology for an extra heavy punch. It comes with four factory presets as well as a digital 7-band graphic equalizer.

The MIX BOOMBOX iMT810 an electric blue LCD information screen and comes with a remote control. It provides two AUX input for connecting other audio sources and sports built-in FM radio. The boombox runs on AC or gives 30 hours of play time on eight D-cell batteries. It also charges iPhone/iPod when connected to an AC power.

You can get the Altec Lansing MIX BOOMBOX iMT810 for $299.95.

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